Tennis Rules & Reservations

How to Register

  • Registering is very simple and will only take a few minutes.
  • Visit the front desk of the building you reside in and bring your Photo ID and HOA FOB for verification.
  • The front desk will help create your account and you will choose a password
  • You will be asked for your name, unit #, basic contact information and have your picture taken. Don’t worry, you can change it later if you don’t like it.
  • Make a court reservation.
  • If your spouse or children also play tennis, they will be added to the same account.

Why Register?

By registering you are contributing to the safety and the use of our courts. For years non-residents have been sneaking in and using our courts without permission. With your photo associated with your reservation, security will now be able to patrol the courts and identify any trespassers. Another reason to register is that until you do, you won’t be able to make a court reservation.

How to Make a Reservation

Making a reservation is simple and you have two options.

  • Log into your account
  • Select an available court time up to 24H in advance and book
  • Go play.

If you are not tech-savvy, and prefer to make your reservation thru the front desk, you may still continue to do so. Once your reservation is booked, please make sure you show up on time. You will be allowed a 10-minute grace period before the court is released. You may shift your court time at any time prior to a reservation if a court is available.

If you take regular lessons with a registered Pro they can make a reservation for you as a courtesy if you provide them with your account information. Please be aware that if a Pro makes a reservation on your behalf you must be present on the court at the time of the reservation. Otherwise both you and the Pro will be subject to a penalty and be prohibited from using the courts for a period of time.

If you own multiple units, please only use the unit in which you reside as a courtesy to your fellow homeowners and registered tenants.

Tennis Rules



1. In accordance with the Key Colony governing documents, the Association owns and regulates twelve (12) tennis courts, which shall only be available for use in accordance with these rules and regulations.

2. Priority for use of all (12) tennis courts shall be exclusively allocated through a central reservation system established by the Association.

3. No reservation shall be accepted for any tennis court more than twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the time use of the court is to be made. Reservations are on a first come-first served basis, subject to these rules and regulations.

4. All the rules apply to the use of courts by anyone, including owner, tenants, or authorized guests of units in Key Colony, and authorized instructors.

5. Only resident owners and tenants shall be allowed to reserve courts and must do so in their own name and unit number.* Reservations are not transferable. The guest of a resident owner or tenant may only use tennis courts when accompanied by their host. A guest may not take private lessons from a tennis instructor without their resident owner/tenant host physically present, even if the tennis instructor is a resident owner or tenant of Key Colony. The HOA management office may accept requests for tentative reservations from registered instructors on behalf of resident owners and tenants. However, these tentative reservations are not effective until approved by HOA management, shall not conflict with reservations directly made by resident owners and tenants and shall only be valid for use in instruction of a resident owner or tenant.

6. Tennis courts are available for use from sunrise to sunset. Use of the tennis courts for any purpose outside these hours is prohibited. Peak hours are defined as two (2) before sunset on weekdays, and between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays.

7. Reservations will be provided in one (1) hour intervals per Unit per day, and no unit can reserve more than once per day. Play must commence within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled reservation time and must be completed by the end of each hour. A court will be released for use by others if play does not commence as required herein.

8. The failure of a resident owner or tenant or registered tennis instructor to utilize a reservation shall result in the following enforcement action:
a. First Time – Warning Letter or a communication
b. Second Time – No reservation(s) will be allowed for a period of thirty (30) days

9. The Association shall, from time to time, establish and collect fees and deposits, for use of tennis courts by tennis instructors. The failure to pay those fees and deposits precludes the use of the courts for instruction.

Tennis Instructors

10. Tennis instructors must be registered and approved by HOA management to provide tennis instruction regardless of whether the instructor is an owner or tenant of Key Colony or not. No more than fourteen (14) tennis instructors will be registered/approved by the Association at any one time. The HOA Board may set a lesser number as needed from time to time.

11. Tennis instructors must provide any required insurance and execute all documents required by the Association for registration before they will be allowed to utilize the tennis courts for tennis instruction, even if they reside in Key Colony. The failure to provide proof of any required insurance and execute all documents precludes the use of the courts for instruction.

12. Tennis instructors shall observe all rules and regulations regarding the use of a tennis court.

13. Tennis instructors may only provide instruction to resident owners, tenants, and authorized guests as set forth in these rules.

14. Tennis instructors shall promptly vacate a court upon termination of a lesson.

15. The failure of a tennis instructor to promptly comply with any of these rules and regulations or with the direction of HOA management may result in enforcement action up to and including termination of tennis instruction privileges.

Use Rules

16. Key Colony Community members must carry Key Colony residency identification and tennis instructors must carry proof of registration at all times while using the tennis courts and must provide proof of residency or registration upon request of Key Colony security.

17. All persons utilizing the tennis courts must wear proper tennis clothing and tennis shoes. Shirts are required at all times. Any person wearing inappropriate attire must leave the tennis courts upon instruction of Key Colony security.

18. The maximum number of persons on the playing surface of a single tennis court shall be four (4), plus any tennis instructor, unless the Association management approves larger group lessons in advance in writing.

19. All court users shall promptly vacate a court when the reserved time expires.

20. No play shall be allowed on the tennis courts when playing surfaces are wet.

21. No animals shall be allowed within the tennis courts.

22. No glass containers, food, chewing gum or smoking is allowed on the tennis courts. Only water and packaged non-alcoholic beverages are permitted on the tennis courts.

23. Playing against the fence, racquet abuse or foul language is strictly prohibited.

24. Tennis courts are available only for playing tennis. No skateboards, bicycles, strollers or any objects that could damage tennis court surfaces shall be allowed on the tennis courts.